The Korean Tea Culture Foundation was established to educate and promote a better understanding and appreciation among people of all backgrounds of the 2,000-year old rich history, philosophy, traditional practices and cultural heritage of Korea's Teas, Tea Culture and the Study of Korean Dado. 

The Foundation offers programs for museums, schools, universities, community/civic groups, individuals and businesses.   Programs are generally tailored to the interests and needs of each particular group.  Program examples include photo exhibitions, multi-media presentations and/or live lectures on Korean tea history, philosophy, esthetics, the traditional tea ceremonies, associated arts, tea cuisine and impact on modern business trends.      

Interactive seminars and workshops are also offered with a wide-range of topics that include How to Steep a Perfect Cup of Tea Fundamentals of Korea Teas;  Understanding Korean Teawares and Best Uses;   Hosting Tea Gatherings;  Guest Etiquette;  Tea and Culinary;  and World Tea Cultures.   Traditional Korean Tea Ceremony and/or tea tastings can be incorporated with the various workshops.

The Foundation’s education series offer one-day, weekend and semester-long classes to students of all ages, backgrounds, or levels of experience with the art of Korean tea.   Yoon Hee Kim, Founding director, also travels throughout North America and the world, providing lectures, classes, demonstrations and workshops to individuals and associations interested in learning about Korean Tea and Tea Culture.

For students interested in a more serious course of Korean Dado study, the Foundation's core education program consists of a rigorous certification curriculum, designed for all who want to embark on a more formalized Dado journey.., that is the Way of Tea.   A three-level certification program, which can require a minimum of three to five years to complete, includes  study of classical texts, history, culture, traditional tea ceremonies and the journey that takes a tea student on to becoming a true tea person.

Since the study of Korean Dado - once begun in earnest and with heart - may last a lifetime, students should not feel that this is something that must be completed within a certain timeframe.   Instead, we encourage all to continue the journey by learning at their own pace, and to take time appreciating a cup or bowl of tea, whether in meditation of one or with others – truly one of life’s special blessings.

Korean Tea Culture Foundation's regular website is currently off-line for reconstruction.    We are working to create a one-stop on-line information portal for all things related to Korean Teas, Tea Culture and Tea Education.   We look forward to continue serving all those interested in Korean tea.    For more information, including public education, scheduling classes or event bookings, please email us at Info@KoreanTeaCulture.com 

We Thank you for your interest!